Sublimation Systems Sydney

Sublimation Systems is a family run business, established in 1993, we are renown for our customer service and dedicated to helping you maximise the return on your investment in sublimation. We give all of our clients the personal attention they require, Our philopisy is if your not making money, were not making money.
We introduced sublimation to Australia over 20 years ago and our many years of experience in the sublimation business enables us to tailor a package to suit your needs.

Sublimation has endless potential to print, in full vibrant colour, onto a wide variety of products. You can take a customers photo and in minutes you will be producing unique personalised gifts, corporate and promotional items.
Our Dye Sublimation Printing Systems empower you to do all of this, producing a wide range of products, quickly, easily and cost effectively.

We supply the complete range of goods for dye sublimation. George Knight american made heat presses, Sawgrass sublimation inks and a choice of printers together with a huge selection of printable items and accessories.

Here at Sublimation Systems we understand that our customers simply want to make money, which is why we only carry the best equipment and consumables.