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Shipping on Mugs

We have unfortunately had to make some changes to the available shipping options for mugs and we thought we should give you a heads up.
If you receive an order of mugs from us and some are smashed, we provide you with a credit for the smashed mugs after seeing photo evidence. We don't get any credit from our supplier for these smashed mugs so we have to wear the cost and often this wipes out any profit we would have made on the sale.
Startrack have a very bad habit of smashing the mugs so going forward we will not be crediting you for damaged mugs if you choose to ship via this option.
Australia Post are much more gentle on the mugs and touch wood, haven't broken any mugs in the 2 years we have been sending orders with them, so we are happy to credit you for any mugs that ship by Australia Post and get smashed.
We understand that Australia Post can be more expensive than Startrack, all that we can suggest is to put thru two orders, one for the mugs and one for everything else.

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