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Multi-Trans Printable Heat Transfer Paper

Customised ceramics and hard surfaces have never been easier! 

With FOREVER Multi-Trans printable heat transfer papers, you can create crisp full colour heat transfers for hard surfaces, using your existing sheet fed A3/A4 laser printer. This innovative laser heat transfer material eliminates any need for cutting and weeding, making custom decoration of multiple surfaces fast and cost effective for any business.

Printed on your CMYK laser/LED printer, these matt finish transfers are perfect for white or light coloured substrates. But with the introduction of a white toner like the Icolor 500 utilises, the possibilities are endless! Producing beautiful designs for a variety of color surfaces including black. 


No cutting and weeding
Full color transfers on a variety of color surfaces
Suitable for CMYK, White and Neon toners
Extensive hard substrate compatibility incl. Ceramics, Acrylic, Metal, Wood, Nylon, Glass
Fine details and difficult graphics transferable without problems
Huge time savings compared to traditional cutting and weeding processes
Available in A4, and A3

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