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Chromaluxe Framing System

ChromaLuxe Frames were designed specifically for ChromaLuxe metal photo panels. They provide a nice upscale option for display of the images presented on the highest quality print media. These aluminum frames use a channel design that is unique to ChromaLuxe, allowing the metal prints to be displayed easier than ever before with either a traditional or more finished look. Available in all of our most popular sizes,

ChromaLuxe frames can be used as either a classic inset frame, or on the back as a floating option. When purchasing your custom size frame, you will purchase each side separately and the hardware comes in sets of five. To make a frame for an 8x10” panel, purchase two 8.75” frame sides and two 10.75” frame sides and the pack of hardware. Your panel will be obscured on the outer edge by approximately ¼” all around as it fits into the frame. You will want to adjust your artwork to compensate.